At, Woofin Palooza we understand that dogs are more than just pets; they are family. Our daycare is cozy, safe, and full of love — just like home.

Whether relaxing in our (cage-free!) playrooms or catching some sunshine in our outside play area, our pets are showered with affection and always supervised for safety while allowed to roam freely.  Additionally at no charge you can sign your pet up for training and walking with a veteran.  Our goal with our veteran partnership is to provide "Life with purpose."  Within our community of veterans and disabled persons who would love to help your pet learn sit or down, or just have a good walk or run to come home to you tired and well behaved!

Whether you just want to go run errands or going to be gone at work all day.  Your pet will enjoy it's stay with us for what ever length of time you want to leave him/her.  We post lots of video's on our facebook page so you can see what fun your pet had while he/she was here.

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