*All cats and kittens must be indoor pets only. Unless they are on a leash or in a catio.

*We do not allow our cats to be declawed.

*Most come from high-kill shelters. They can be shy when first meeting you and with time they warm up.

If you need help placing/rehoming your cat, Woofin Palooza is here to help. Please fill out the form below, and our staff can be in touch with you with more options. Our main priority is that every pet gets a loving home! 


Gucci is the calmest cat on the block! She is super chill, loves to just curl up and be pet. She is shy at first, but will thrive in a new home. She is a one eyed beauty! So soft and cuddly. She is spayed and up to date on everything. 

Spayed female, 5 years, DSH


Fang is so small and sweet. she is playful and curoius, but a little fearful of new people at first. She is the perfect little kitty companion

female, DSH, 4 months


Smokey is a big independent guy. He is a cat that would love a chair, couch, or cat bed to rest on through the days. He likes company, and has had a rough start to his life. Come meet Smokey today! 

Male, DSH, 4 years old


Wesson is a sweet little boy who is on the shyer side. He really enjoys the company of other cats, and would love a friendly buddy in his home. he loves to hide in cat trees, and get gentle pets. Wesson would blossom in a home where he can play and be a happy little kitten

Male, DSH, 6 months


Udon is a super pretty tabby cat. she has unique orange spots on her back, like a calico, but is striped like a tabby! She is elusive at first, but loves cheek scratches, and has a roaring purr machine! She would make a great chill and quiet house pet. Udon is just like her name, warm, cozy, and wonderful to sit down with on a rainy day. 

Female, 9 months, DSH


Kodo is a one cool cat. Very chill personality, and regally handsome. Kodo is fine with sharing his space, but also wouldn't mind being an only cat. he likes to come out and show you his moves by rolling on the ground in front of you. So talented! 

Male, DSH, 1 years old