*All cats and kittens must be indoor pets only. Unless they are on a leash or in a catio.

*We do not allow our cats to be declawed.

*Most come from high-kill shelters. They can be shy when first meeting you and with time they warm up.


Speckle is an adorable, fluffy kitten. He is super playful of course. Him and the other kitties love to snuggle up and sleep in the kitten pile. He loves to cuddle and play with the fish pole toys!

Male, 12 weeks, DSH

IMG-3288 (1).jpg


Gucci is the calmest cat on the block! She is super chill, loves to just curl up and be pet. She is shy at first, but will thrive in a new home. She is a one eyed beauty! So soft and cuddly. She is spayed and up to date on everything. 

Spayed female, 5 years, DSH



Peakaboo is also on the shy side but warms up. When she does she is super friendly and sweet. She is so pretty with the little tufts on her ears! She will warm up to be a great snuggler and friend. 

Female, Siamese, 5 months old


Geenie is a super friendly wee kitty. She is super buddy buddy with the other cats. She loves to carry her little toys around in her mouth, so cute!

Female, 12 weeks, DSH


Luca is s super cool, unique cat! She loves water and drinking from the sink. She is a real personality, really fun. Roams around all day and then curls up to chill. She is spayed and up to date on everything, ready to go! 

Spayed female, DMH, 4 years

IMG-3285 (1).jpg


Charlie is a cuddler of a kitty. He is very chill, loves to curl up in the cat tree next to another kitty, and sleep all day. He is a big fan of the loaf position! Great with other cats, great with people. Very quiet and calm. Up to date on all shots. 

Male, DSH, 8 months old.


Scrabble is a gorgeous fluffy kitten. She absolutely loves to nap and be cozy. She loves to curl up in a lap and continue her nap, lol. She also loves to sit in boxes. Great with other cats, dogs, kids, everyone. 

Female, DMH, 12 weeks



Bonnie is a friendly little lady! She is super super sweet, loves people, loves to be the center of attention! She would make a fun addition to any household. She loves playing and is great with the other cats. 

Female, 8 months, DSH


Teenie is a beautifully unique kitten. He has black long fur mixed with light grey stripes. He's very affectionate and outgoing. He's still a little guy, but is not afraid to climb high and play hard!

Male, DMH, 12 weeks 


Clyde is a chill and calm big fluffer. If you're looking for a low maintenance, super soft buddy, look no further. He minds his own business in his cat tree, but he enjoys a good cheek scratch! 

Male, DLH, 8 months


Scarlet is a super outgoing and loving gal. She will make her presence known as soon as you enter the cat room! She absolutely loves pets, and she goes crazy for toys. Would be a great playmate for a family with kids. She's so pretty and delightfully soft. 

Female, 6 months, DMH



Meenie is a teeny tiny little orange kitty! She is a rare orange female. Adorable! She plays amazing with the other cat, and has made good friends with all of them, she loves to sleep while hugging another cat! She's super active and a ton of fun. 

Female, DSH, 12 weeks


Sooty is a handsome sleek black kitten. He is a lover and will come get some scratches from anyone in the room. You will usually find him in a kitten pile, or playing with a ball toy. He's a goofball, and would be a great family pet. 

Male, DSH, 8 months


Tiger is a gentle, sweet little fellow. He would be a great at home office buddy. Super chill, definitely not a trouble maker. He can be little timid at first, but he loves to be pet and held. This little guy will snuggle his way right to your heart!

Neutered male, DSH, 13 weeks 

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