Available Dogs updated daily!

Adoption Information, please read before inquiring :

  • We place house pets only, this means our pets cannot be kept in a dog run (whether it's in your garage or outside).

  • Our pets must not be allowed access to outdoors when you are not home, this means no dog doors.  Dogs must be secured in a crate when you cannot attend to them or no one is home.

  • Our pets cannot be crated for more than 4 hours total.  So if you work full time away from home you must seek daytime accommodations for the pet such as a dog sitter or daycare. 

  • Because all of our pets come from high kill animal control facilities,  you need to be prepared to do lots of training, have a game plan for the pet and start with training right away.

  • Many pets will be shy at first but will warm up quickly with confidence training, time, and love. Many pets come from situations where they have never been walked on a leash so you will need to be patient and consider that when coming to see our pets.

  • A 20-minute walk with the pet is mandatory(unless it does not walk on a leash, or it's raining cats and dogs out) , so that the pet can get a feel for you and you for the pet.

  • Our adoption process can be several hours so be prepared to have long wait times.

  • All cats must be secured in a crate or pet bag, Dogs on a secure collar/harness and leash.  If dog does not walk on a leash it must be secured in a crate or pet bag before leaving the building.

If you see a dog on our website, they are still available. Click on their picture, and the apply button to meet them


If you have a dog you can no longer keep, or require help placing, we are here to help. Please fill out the form linked  below and woofin Palooza can contact you with more information. We often courtesy post dogs, or even take in owner surrenders. Our main priority is finding every animal a forever home! 

Please note, that we cannot always guarantee that a pet you see on our site is still available.
We believe that every pet should have a happy home. While our rescues are recovering with us, we want to make every day special -  to show them what a loving forever home with you would be like!