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To see a pet just send us an email and we will respond as soon as we can!

Adoption Qualifications:

We place house pets only, this means our pets cannot be kept in a dog run (whether it's in your garage or outside).


*Our pets must not be allowed access to outdoors when you are not home, this means no dog doors.  Dogs must be secured in a crate when you cannot attend to them or no one is home.

*Our pets cannot be crated for more than 4 hours total.  So if you work full time away from home you must seek daytime accommodations for the pet such as a dog sitter or daycare. 


*Because all of our pets come from high kill animal control facilities, Therefore you need to be prepared to do lots of training, have a game plan for the pet and start with training right away.


*Many pets will be shy at first but will warm up quickly with confidence training, time, and love. Many pets come from situations where they have never been walked on a leash so you will need to be patient and consider that when coming to see our pets.


*A 20-minute walk with the pet is mandatory(unless it does not walk on a leash) or raining cats and dogs out! So that the pet can get a feel for you and you for the pet.


*Our adoption process can be several hours so be prepared to have long wait times.



*All cats must be secured in a crate or pet bag, Dogs on a secure collar/harness and leash.  If dog does not walk on a leash it must be secured in a crate or pet bag before leaving the building.



*All puppies under 6 months of age must be within 30 miles of the Portland area.


Riley is on the run! This happy young boy is full of zoomies and energy! He is super playful, and would be an excellent outdoor activity partner. He gets along great with other dogs, and loves all people. He is a wonderful medium size, at around 40 pounds. He is doing awesome picking up on training cues! 

Male, 1 year, Shepherd/Cattledog


Zuko is a handsome tall shepherd. He is calm and sweet. In his previous home, he has already  completed many training classes ! He does great in playgroup with other dogs. He is very loyal and will make such a good pet. His previous household recommends no kids, they make him nervous. He is super smart. 

Male, 5 years, German Shepherd

Luigi aka Max             ( Pending Adoption!)

Luigi is an amazing companion. He is an absolute cuddle bug with people, loves to be pet and take naps with you. He is potty trained, and has excellent manners. He loves riding in the car, wearing his sweater, and putting his head on pillows. He's a goofball and a lover. Other dogs make him nervous because of past experiences, so he needs to be the only pet. He is super loyal and will make an amazing best friend. 

Neutered male, 1 year old, Pitbull


Hercules is a big cuddle bug. He loves the ball, and playing fetch. He prefers not to share his ball with other dogs, lol. He is super sweet, and a breeze to train, he is very food motivated. This big guy would be a great candidate for walks and adventures. Hercules is a super good boy!

Nuetered male, Pitbull, 2 years 


Annie is the sweetest little doll. She is a mini pittie at about 40 pounds. She is quiet and calm, has a great energy level . She truly is amazing. she loves to walk, loves to cuddle. She needs a home with no men. She has been great with all our employees, but men do make her nervous. She is beautiful, soft, and everything you could ask for in a friend. 

Spayed female, Pitbull, 2 years


Betty is a complete love. She is super loyal, and will be your little shadow. She's super affectionate, loves to give kisses. She is a great mom, but is now looking for a home for herself! She is a classically beautiful German Shepherd, and is very smart and a great walker. She will make an amazing addition to any home. She would be great with kids. 

Female, 3 years, German Shepherd


Cocopuff is a gorgeous shepherd mix, with super plush soft fur. She is a wonderful small-medium size. She absolutely loves to play, whether it's with people, dogs, or even the hose! She's super smart, and very attentive and gentle. She loves to be active and is a happy girl! 

Spayed female, Shepherd mix, 2 years 


Terri is a gorgeous girl. She is timid, and does take time to warm up to people. She will need a home with  no men. She is terrified of them. She is a wonderful lap partner, and a super sweet lady. She is only about 20 pounds. If you want a cute, fluffy, loyal little gal, here she is.  Must live within 30 miles of Portland. 

Female, Maltese, 3 years old


Cali is an awesome lady. She is everything you could want in a dog! Super happy and playful. Great adventure partner. Doing good with learning how to walk on a leash, and is food motivated so easy to train! She is about 45 pounds. Would be an awesome family pup. 

Spayed female, Cattledog mix, 2 years


Dapper Dan is a super cuddlebug. He absolutely loves people. He is recovering from a front leg injury, and is still an active happy boy. He still gets around quite well! He loves the outdoors, and loves his bed. He's great with other dogs. If you're looking for a loving, joyful companion, here's Dapper Dan!

Male, 5 years, German Shepherd 


Mia is a wonderful dog. She is so gentle and docile. She is super skinny and will need a home where she can get some much needed TLC and put on some good weight. She gets along with other dogs, and loves to be at your side, gently nudging your hand. She is a tall shepherd, and very pretty. She is a total doll. 

Female, 4 years old, German Shep


Princess is a darling little lap warmer. She may not have the hair of royalty, but she makes up for it with her personality! She has come a long way since being with WP, growing back her hair and coming out of her shell! She would love a quiet home where she can be treated with gentle kindness. 

Spayed Female, Chihuahua mix, 8 years old


Jack is one cool guy. He is every plus side of a big dog in a little guy body. He weighs about 35 pounds. Super playful and active, loves to zoom around with the other dogs. very curious and full of adventure. He is good in a secure crate, but he can jump fences! Smart guy... Doing amazing with housetraining. 

Male, Shiba Inu mix, 2 years


Duke is a handsome man! Pictures don't do this boy justice. He's a lover, and plays hard. He loves toys and chasing them. He does good with other dogs. He would be a great couch potato buddy, or a backyard fetch master. He does have an eyelid issue that will require surgery, but we have many options to help get that done, please inquire for more info on it! This big fella would be a great member of any family! 

Neutered male, Mastiff mix, 1 year


Timber is a perfect small-medium size pup, with the adventurous spirit of a big guy! He is very loyal, and bonds closely with his people. He is good with other dogs, he doesn't cause any problems. He would love hikes, walks, runs, beaches, any kind of outdoor activity. Timber is super smart and responds so quickly to training cues. 

Male, 4 years old, Husky mix


Angelina is a lap warmer from heaven. She's super cuddly and feels very secure in your arms. She is recovering from a back leg injury and is doing great! She is super gentle, and is getting lots of rest and TLC here at Woofin. She would be great for a calm person or senior who wants a quiet, sweet, teeny tiny comapnion.  

Female, 7 years, Chihuahua

Brie (in foster!)

Brie is looking for a foster, or foster to adopt home! She has been very shy since we got her, but is amazing with other dogs, and very social with them. She is crate trained, and house trained. Her ideal home would be somewhere quiet, where she can come out of her shell, and bond with someone to learn about the world around her! She has already come a long way with us. 

Spayed Female, 3 years, Beagle mix


Mia is looking for a foster, or foster to adopt home! She is a timid gal who has recently warmed up enough to allow our staff here to hold her on their laps and pet her, so she is looking for a quiet foster home where she can continue her journey! She is small, she does good with other dogs, and she has lots of potential!

Female, 5 years old, Chihuahua

Nuggie ( adopted)

Nuggie is the runt of her litter, but she makes up for it with her gregarious personality! She is the life of the party. So playful and curious. She wants to explore everything! No small children for her, she's been picked on enough by her bigger siblings. She gets along great with other dogs. She's going to be a super fun and outgoing little friend ! 

Female, Australian Shepherd mix, 6 weeks 

German Shepherd Puppies

This litter of German Shepherd puppies is completely adorable. At 4 weeks their individual personalities are already starting to shine! Their Mom is Betty.  If you are interested, please complete an application, and must be within 30 miles of Portland. There are 3 girls and 1 boy! Will be around 65 pounds full grown. 

German Shepherds, 4 weeks

Shusky Puppies

These Shepherd/Husky Pups are just precious little marshmallows. They are 4 weeks old, and are starting to show a ton of personality. There are two girls and two boys. They will be between 45 and 55 pounds full grown. If you are interested please complete an application and must be within 30 miles of Portland. 

Husky/Shepherds, 4 weeks

Please note, that we cannot always guarantee that a pet you see on our site is still available.
We believe that every pet should have a happy home. While our rescues are recovering with us, we want to make every day special -  to show them what a loving forever home with you would be like!
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